About nCage

nCage Therapeutics is developing a novel artificial protein cage technology developed by the company’s founder Professor Jonathan Heddle.

Protein cages are synthetic virus-like particles (VLPs), that can be used to display biological material on their surface, or transport molecules such as nucleic acids or proteins into the interior of the cell. Our cages are programmable and have significant potential as both drug delivery systems and vaccines.

Our Technology

Cages are formed by the modification of the component protein resulting in triggered formation of protein cages.

Our lead protein cage technology comprises multiple copies of the TRAP (trp RNA-binding attenuation protein) 11mer. These rings are triggered to assemble into the final cage structure by the addition of gold which forms 120 “staples” between rings

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Protein cages as
drug delivery vehicles

Our synthetic VLPs are formed by triggered assembly of modified protein. They have wide potential due to easily modifiable exterior and interior surfaces of the cage structure.

Protein cages as
therapeutic vaccines

Artificial protein cages can be used as synthetic virus like particles (VLPs) which enable high density, multivalent display of antigens in a manner that closely resembles viruses